Will lithium iron phosphate be the darling of the emerging battery market?

There is no doubt that this year is the lifepo4 batteries comprehensive rise and the "victory" for a year, lifepo4 batteries not only from production, sales in May to July and loading quantity three aspects respectively for the first time since three years ahead of the ternary lithium batteries, and since the second half, three yuan is apparent in the battery and lithium iron phosphate batteries from polarization, ternary cell loading quantity from negative,  And lifepo4 battery still with double digit quarter on quarter growth rate, three digit year on year growth rate continues to dominate.

On the one hand, lifepo4 battery has been winning the favor of car companies since this year.   All kinds of popular models, such as Tesla's ModelY standard endurance version launched in July, Xpeng P7 rear-drive standard endurance model and G3i model, have begun to use lifepo4 battery, which is reflected in the proportion of vehicle matching.   The proportion of matching quantity of lifepo4 battery increased from 7% of the first batch of Recommended Catalogue in 2019 to 42% of the fifth batch in 2021, with an increase of 35pcts.

Lifepo4 battery has good safety, long cycle performance, good stability at high temperature and low cost, so it is the optimal choice for automotive power battery at present stage. It has been economical in automotive applications. In terms of safety, lifepo4 power battery and BMS battery management system have developed rapidly in recent years, and the increase of charge and discharge ratio makes the car accelerate and power control better.

But now the new energy vehicle market has been from the policy orientation to market orientation, from the market perspective, the current range of about 500 kilometers is barely able to meet the requirements of consumers, consumers turned to the safety performance of the battery put forward higher requirements; Second, from the perspective of battery manufacturers and car companies, the price of upstream resources such as lithium cobalt and nickel is soaring, and the main engine factory and battery factory are also considering the cost, which is the reason why the major car companies launched lifepo4 battery version cars this year. The improvement direction of lifepo4 battery and the improvement in performance will undoubtedly make it a new favorite of Oems and battery factories in the future.

Post time: Oct-27-2022