HUIZHOU RUIDEJIN 280 Ah 12V Energy Storage Lifepo 4 Lithium Batteries 3.2V Rept 280Ah Lifepo4 Battery Cells

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1. One, the energy density is high. The high energy density of the lithium iron phosphate battery is determined by its power generation principle, because the lithium in the lithium battery is an atom with a proton number of 3. Under the same mass, the number of moles of the lithium battery is more, and the energy generated is more. stronger, so the energy density is greater. Therefore, under the same conditions, lithium iron phosphate batteries have a larger capacity than lead-acid batteries.

2. Second, the safety performance is good. The electrochemical performance of the cathode material of lithium iron phosphate battery is relatively stable, which determines that it has a stable charging and discharging platform. Therefore, the structure of the battery will not change during the charging and discharging process, and it will not burn and explode. It is still very safe under special conditions such as charging, squeezing, and acupuncture.

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3. Third, the cycle life is long. Under the same operating conditions, the cycle life of the lead-acid battery is about 500 times, while the lithium iron phosphate power battery is used according to the standard charging (5 hours rate), and the cycle life can reach 2000 times. Lead-acid batteries of the same quality are "new half a year, old half a year, maintenance and maintenance another half a year", while lithium iron phosphate batteries are used under the same conditions, and their cycle life is several times longer than lead-acid batteries.

4. Good high temperature performance

The electric heating peak of lithium iron phosphate can reach 350℃-500℃, while lithium manganate and lithium cobaltate are only around 200℃. The working temperature range is wide (-20C--+75C), and the electric heating peak of lithium iron phosphate with high temperature resistance can reach 350℃-500℃, while lithium manganate and lithium cobaltate are only around 200℃.

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5. large capacity

It has a larger capacity than ordinary batteries (lead-acid, etc.). It can be known from the capacity density of the battery. The energy density of lead-acid batteries is about 40WH/kg. The mainstream lithium iron phosphate batteries on the market have an energy density of 90WH/kg. kg or more.


1). Are the batteries GRADE-A, Brand NEW?

Yes, GRADE A + quality. the QR code is intact, Brand new.

2). Are the batteries come with busbars+bolts?

The price come with Bus bars and Bolts, One Battery will come with one set bus bar and bolt (e.g., If buy 4pcs battery, we will send 4pcs cells with 4pcs busbars and 8pcs bolts) If need more please contact us online.

3). Can you test each battery PRIOR to shipping?

We will test all the battery Voltage and Internal resistance before shipping. 

4.) What kind of the package of the cells?

Pack with strong package, each cell into thickness PE foam or bag, then into 5 layers strong carton.

5). How can I place the order?

Usually we accept alibaba trade assurance order online. For the RTS (ready for ship) product if there is clear shipping cost or free shipping to your country you can place order and pay directly after reading for all the details, or you can provide your shipping informtion to our sales they will creat online order for you.

6). How can I do if I need more help for the order?

You can chat our sales online or send inquiry email, we will respond you ASAP.

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