Do you know why most RVS use lithium iron phosphate batteries?

Love RV travel car friends understand, RV electricity, is in a moving turbulence, a long time in the outdoor environment can not timely charge, and the RV also has a relatively long idle period. The main purpose of the battery is to store electricity generated from various sources to power the home appliances on the RV.

Lead-acid batteries are cheap, large size and weight, short service life, for the daily electricity less, RV use frequency is a good choice. If the average daily electricity consumption is around 8 KWH, you need at least eight 100Ah lead-acid batteries. General 100Ah lead-acid battery weight in 30KG, 8 will reach 240KG, about the weight of 3 adult men, and the service life of lead-acid battery is short, the battery storage rate will become lower and lower with the passage of time, need to replace the new battery from time to time.

Based on this, the choice of lithium battery, will more meet the RV car friends in the limited space to carry large capacity of power needs.

Choose lifepo4 battery, cycle life is much higher than three yuan, is also safer than three yuan. Lithium iron phosphate has stable chemical properties and good stability at high temperature. It will begin to decompose at 700-800℃, and it will not release oxygen molecules or produce violent combustion in the face of impact, acupuncture, short circuit and other situations, with high safety performance.


The battery on the RV, the main role is to store the power of the solar energy, the car in front of the car, the electricity access, to the home appliances on the RV power supply, different from the electric car, the demand of the car is regular charge and discharge, and the power supply must be safe.

Therefore, the advantages of long cycle life and high safety make the lifepo4 battery the first choice for RV electricity use scenarios.

Post time: Nov-01-2022