Going for a green future together, Schneider Electric sounds the clarion call of “Lithium Rings China”

Recently, Schneider Electric’s 2023 Lithium Battery China Tour was successfully launched in Smart Chengdu. Schneider Electric and a number of industry experts and partners gathered together to discuss the development trends of the lithium battery industry under the theme of “Lithium Clean Road, Intelligent Safety”, and discussed the challenges and demands faced by smart lithium battery factory design, high-end Hot topics such as how energy-consuming industries can achieve sustainable development will be discussed. As one of the major ecological actions of Schneider Electric, a global expert in digital transformation in the field of energy management and automation, in 2023, the “Lithium Ring China” project was officially announced at the event. Schneider Electric will give full play to its digital advantages and work with partners to achieve high efficiency and A sustainable win-win situation and a green future for lithium battery digitalization.

The “Lithium Impact in China” project was officially launched

In recent years, with the continuous implementation of the “dual carbon” policy and the accelerated construction of new energy systems, the new energy battery industry, as an important part of the green industry, has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities, and the lithium battery industry has also achieved rapid growth. , large-scale factory construction has become an important trend. However, high safety risks, complex structural environment and high factory construction costs have become obstacles to the development of the lithium battery industry. Zhang Yu, President of the Southwest Region of Schneider Electric’s National Sales Department, said at the event: “Under the green background, facing the three major challenges of rapid production expansion, power supply reliability and power quality, and decarbonization, the lithium battery industry urgently needs to upgrade its upstream, midstream and downstream industries. All achieve agile, safe and sustainable development, build reliable and intelligent green factories, and achieve energy conservation and consumption reduction. Schneider Electric looks forward to working with partners to help enterprises achieve agile construction with the help of full life cycle digital solutions, from design and construction to operation and maintenance. factory, safety production and sustainable development goals, use digitalization to improve efficiency and resilience, and jointly seize the development opportunities of the lithium battery industry.”

Zhang Yu, President of Southwest Region of Schneider Electric National Sales Department

Lithium makes a big impact in China, let’s work together to build a green future for lithium batteries

Schneider Electric focuses on and insists on win-win collaboration with partners to jointly promote the development of the industry and the entire industry chain. At this event, Schneider Electric announced the official launch of the “Lithium in China” project and will work with partners to jointly explore the digital transformation path of China’s lithium battery companies through the two major directions of “Lithium Battery Materials Project” and “Battery Cell & Pack Factory Project” , to jointly build a smart and green new ecology for lithium battery factories.

In addition, Schneider Electric also signed an agreement with Shenzhen Exxon New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and its alliance company Sichuan Saike Lithium New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. at the event to launch platinum-level cooperation, promising to expand the energy storage battery business and waste batteries. Carry out in-depth cooperation in recycling business, high and low voltage power distribution business, control equipment, power monitoring and energy management systems, microgrids and energy storage systems, industrial software and other fields, give full play to the advantages of the three parties, and jointly build high-level laboratories and innovation centers and “Lighthouse Factory” to jointly create more digital operation benchmarks in the lithium battery field.

Signing contracts with important partners on site

Full life cycle digital solutions empower lithium battery plant construction to become agile, safe and sustainable

As an energy management expert and a pioneer in sustainable development, Schneider Electric combines its management practices and technology accumulation in digital transformation, lighthouse factories and many other technologies that can empower green and intelligent manufacturing to provide top-level planning consulting for digital transformation and top-level planning consulting for carbon neutrality. While providing services, it provides industry users with full life cycle digital solutions based on agility, safety and sustainability, provides drive and assistance for lithium battery companies to build factories, and empowers them to move towards green and intelligent manufacturing. in,

Agile factory solutions use local control units to digitally monitor individual power distribution rooms or important circuits through lightweight deployment, helping companies shorten the factory construction cycle and quickly put into production. Based on EcoStruxure’s active operation and maintenance expert PMBox and POI Plus station control master, it achieves full coverage of medium and low-voltage power distribution scenarios, and through innovative applications of minimalist digitalization, it natively presets digital capabilities in the design stage to optimize everything from construction to deployment and debugging. To the full life cycle reliability and operation and maintenance efficiency of operation;

Safe factory solution uses the EcoStruxure Power Operation power monitoring series software to conduct integrated monitoring of medium and low voltages throughout the site, and monitors the temperature rise of medium-voltage cabinets and low-voltage cabinets to provide early warning. In addition, in response to the lithium battery industry’s high demand for the reliability of power quality in production lines, Schneider Electric’s closed-loop power quality solution can form a closed loop from monitoring, analysis to governance, helping users improve the health of the power system and ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the electrical system. ;

Sustainable factory solutions further take into account corporate sustainable development issues. As a high-end solution, it can implement energy consumption monitoring and asset health management for the entire plant through the advanced functional modules POA-EM Energy Carbon Management and POA-AE Distribution Operation Consultant-Asset Health in the PO system, helping users improve their operations. Dimensional efficiency. In addition, the deep integration of microgrid and energy storage solutions with the energy management system of lithium battery factories will further promote energy conservation and emission reduction and help companies achieve carbon reduction goals.

In addition to sharing the system architecture of the lithium battery industry, Schneider Electric also introduced in detail to the guests the typical power distribution architecture of the power lithium battery factory based on the EcoStruxure architecture and platform, including interconnected products, edge control, applications, analysis and services. At the same level, optimize the continuity of power supply in lithium battery factories and achieve an overall improvement in the efficiency of the power distribution system.

In the context of the green era, the practice of carbon neutrality is gradually deepening. Mr. Wang Tiandian, head of the lithium battery industry at Schneider Electric, said: “As an enabler of sustainable development, Schneider Electric looks forward to using its excellent technical strength and mature practical experience to lead the low-carbon and sustainable development of the lithium battery industry through digitalization, and work together with partners to Let’s work together to create a win-win digital green future for the lithium battery industry.”

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