Introduction to the new outdoor power supply

In recent years, outdoor camping has become a new choice for people to travel for leisure. Call relatives and friends, or bring the elderly and children, family interaction, enjoy the fun of picnic in nature, it is very happy. But camping is good, but it requires a lot of equipment, especially electricity. One of the most important aspects of camping is the difficulty of using electricity outdoors, which is arguably today's favorite mobile power station. Therefore, we invented this convenient high-power outdoor power supply.

The surface of the metal frosted spray paint, the overall correct, looks advanced and atmospheric. Hd LCD screen, real-time observation of power usage. The handle meets the ergonomic design, and the holding feeling is good.

Its left side is mainly divided into 2 parts, one is the output interface, AC output 110V/220V, 1 Type-C, 2 USB, 2 DC and 1 car charger; The second is the numerical display screen, which can visually display the remaining time, input/output power and working state of the outdoor power battery.

Interface display

Its right side is two AC interfaces, the overall layout of the interface is very reasonable, above is the light, can switch a variety of lighting mode, to provide guarantee for night lighting

Interface display

Outdoor power supply is the first issue of safety, which is the first. The family tragedy caused by fire caused by inferior outdoor power supply has attracted many people's attention. The reason for this is the use of inferior batteries. In order to eliminate potential safety risks, this outdoor power supply specially uses lithium iron phosphate battery. Compared with many competing products on the market that use three-way lithium battery, its safety factor is higher (it has passed extrusion and acupuncture experiments perfectly), and it will not explode or catch fire even if there are problems in the charging and discharging process. In addition, the shell is also made of PC flame retardant material, and the BMS intelligent battery management system is built in the interior, so that the outdoor power supply has 12 safety protection such as overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, and so on, and the stability will be higher.


Post time: Dec-21-2022